A list of SPAAM commmunity projects

Here we provide a list of projects run by the SPAAM community that to assist in progressing the field.


AncientMetagenomeDir is a community curated resource of lists of all published shotgun-sequenced ancient metagenome samples. It is primarily meant to act as a reference guide to help point researchers toward any relevant public data for comparative analysis. It is hoped it will help researchers track growth and development of the field of ancient metagenomics over time.

Ancient Metagenomics Labs

The SPAAM community also curate a list of known labs working in ancient metagenomics with an aim to help improve collaboration by making labs around the world more visible.

The list of labs can be found here

MINAS MIxS Checklist

Metadata about samples and data is crucial for the implementation of FAIR principles. Providing rich metadata also helps researchers to improve the quality of their work, allowing further insights into their and previously published data.

An issue for the existing MIxS checklists, is they are designed for modern sequence data, and are missing critical metadata fields, and/or include fields that have definitions that do not fit well in an ancient context.

To facilitate improved metadata reporting in paleogenomics, the SPAAM community are establishing a working group to develop a MIxS extension checklist designed specifically for ancient metagenomics, as well as collaborating with a working group in ancient human population genetics to develop a more general checklist for ancient DNA, provisionally called the ‘MInAS’ checklist (Minimum INformation about Ancient Sequences’).

The MInAS website can be found here. Please join the SPAAM Slack channel to join the working group.

SPAAM Summer Schools

To help widely disseminate knowledge and expertise in ancient metagenomics, groups in the SPAAM community offer various training workshops.

These will occur on either on a regular basis or as on-off events, so generally please keep an eye on the events page, as well as the various social media channels.

We will list regular events here, as well as those that make their training material availble online for self learning:

Intro to Ancient Metagenomics SummerSchool